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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I update my headshots?
I would suggest that actors and performers update their headshots annually and that children and teenagers update more frequently, due to a more rapid change of appearance. 

What should I do with my hair and makeup?
When it comes to photos you always want to look your best, so make sure your hair and make up are at their finest. These are both integral parts of your look, so make sure you feel comfortable and happy with the way you look. 

Do you retouch the photographs?
All retouching of images is included in the price of your photo shoot. Basic light and contrast editing is applied as well as retouching of non permanent blemishes. I will always make sure you look like you, that the retouching looks natural and that you are completely happy with your final edits.

How long is a photography session?
Typically most shoots take around 30-45 minutes for headshots and up to a couple of hours for group shoots, but I keep a relaxed approach to every shoot, so that if we need that extra bit of time, we've got it. You're paying for the session, not for the time it takes, so there is no pressure to rush. Every session begins with an informal chat about what sort of shots you're looking for. Throughout the shoot you'll be able to view the pictures being taken to make sure we are going in the direction you want.

What clothes should I wear?
Solid and neutral colours are always best (having strong colours or detailed patterns can draw focus from your face). Bring a few changes of clothing so you have options to choose from. As with your hair and make up, make sure you wear something that you feel comfortable in.

I'm new to having my headshots taken, any tips?
Having headshots taken can feel like an exposing experience, but I'll always make sure that you feel comfortable and happy throughout. During the session we'll be chatting, having a laugh and you'll realise early on that there's nothing to worry about. 
What happens after the shoot and how quickly will I get my photos?
The first thing you'll receive is a 'contact sheet', which is a set of all the photos taken on your shoot. From this sheet you (and your agent if you wish) can select the images you would like to be edited. You should receive you edited photographs within 2-4 days. 

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